What Kinds Of Bets Can I Place On League Of Legends Games?

League of Legends happens to be a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena where you choose a character, commonly named “champion”, and play in a team along with 4 other players.

You will be able to play with random people, friends, or even bots. Esports betting on League of Legends game with the largest community on the Internet.

The number of daily active players in LoL is impressive and the number of viewers on the live broadcasts is constantly growing.

League of Legends betting odds

League of Legends is currently the leading eSports game and that is why many not only esports betting sites provide services for the LCS but for most League of Legends tournaments throughout the world also.

There are different types of bets on League of Legends games available for 8 matches. You can place bets on which team will win (winner bets), a type of bets commonly made by people in other sports and who are familiar with such bets.


In addition to that, you can make other types of bets in League of Legends throughout the game: Which team will get the “First Blood”, which team will eliminate Baron Nashor first or if there will be “Fivefold Assassination” in the match?

Currently 6 online betting sites offer real money betting of League of Legends odds tournaments and their leagues: Bet365, Pinnacle Sports, ArcaneBet, Tipbet, William Hill and Nitrogen Sports, which allows you to place bets with Bitcoin.

However, there are some web pages that do not have a valid license for online games. In our opinion a valid license should be mandatory because without it we will not review those betting sites.

Please read more about the 6 League of Legends betting sites in our review.

The betting sites have reviewed that offer LoL bets using the following criteria:

  • Betting license
  • Bonuses and promotions
  • The odds they offer for League of Legends tournaments and leagues
  • Deposit and withdrawal options

Customer Support

While Pinnacle Sports, Bet365, William Hill, and Nitrogen Sports are recognized in the world of online sports betting, while Tipbet and ArcaneBet are only a few years in business, but their primary focus is eSports.

All betting sites also have traditional sports that you can bet on. Pinnacle Sports and Bet365 offer special bets as a handicap for League of Legends matches.

For major tournaments such as the League of Legends World Championship there are also bets on events that take place within the game like “first tower” or “first blood”. Some of the betting sites have welcome bonuses for new customers.

Types of bets available on betting sites:

Winner bets (all 6)

Handicap betting (Pinnacle, Bet365)

League / Tournament Winner (All 6)

Special bets (Pinnacle Sports, Bet365, William Hill)

Live betting (Pinnacle Sports, Bet365 – for LCS, LCK matches and most tournaments)