Has A Woman Ever Won The WSOP Main Event? Know The Facts Now

Poker is a male-overwhelmed world. A few estimates put the proportion of female players in live tournaments as low as 5%.

There are numerous potential factors behind this, yet the reality remains that just a single woman won the WSOP main event ever at the last table.

Who is Barbara Enright?

Barbara Enright

When requested to name a female poker expert, you may quickly consider Annie Duke, Vanessa Selbst, or Liv Boeree. Yet, to players of a more established generation, Barbara Enright’s name would move leading the tongue.

Barbara Enright began playing poker with her senior sibling at four years old, and started playing in poker rooms during the 1970s.

It wasn’t well before she surrendered her occupations as a cocktail waitress and hairstylist to turn master.

She was the primary woman to be accepted into the Poker Hall of Fame, in 2007, and the first to win initial two, at that point three WSOP bracelets.

And she is as yet the main woman to have arrived at the last table of the WSOP Main Event however Annie Duke approached, completing in tenth place in 2000. Barbara Enright strikes a blow that became a history forever.

Barbara Enright’s last table in 1995

With two WSOP bracelets as of now to her name, Barbara Enright qualified for the $10,000 purchase in WSOP Main Event through an online satellite that cost only $220 to enter.

She requested that a past patron stake her for half, however he declined a decision that would cost him £57,000!

Enright battled her way through to the last table of nine, yet to the television table of six.

The competition was extreme: the other five players were Chuck Thompson, Brent Carter, Hamid Dastmalchi, and Howard Goldfarb, just as Dan Harrington.

At long last, nonetheless, the poker divine beings concluded it was not to be. It was not bad play that stopped Enright’s title dream, yet bad luck.

She was taken out in fifth place when her commanding pocket 8s were outdrawn via Carter’s pitiful 6-3 fit, which tumbled two pair.

Ladies Poker Player Magazine

The veteran poker commentator Mike Sexton has called Enright female poker champion and “the most relentless, dominating, aggressive woman on the tournament circuit”.

The poker essayist Al Moe has said she is “like a substantial stone on a precarious slope”.

Accepted into the Poker Hall of Fame a similar year as Phil Hellmuth, and made Editor-in-Chief of Women Poker Player Magazine, Enright keeps on playing right up ’til today, 40 years after she started testing herself in the male-ruled cardroom condition.

Her overwhelming stone is as yet rolling: in 2017 so far she has cashed in four tournaments, including the ability testing $1,500 H.O.R.S.E. at the World Series of Poker.